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Grand Tourismo 3 a-spec


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Polyphony Digital's follow-up to the PlayStation One hit racers features over 150 detailed cars -- each composed of more than 4,000 polygons -- 60 beginner, amateur and professional championship races, as well as 10 endurance races and 10 rally races. In addition to all-new special effects, such as sun glare, heat distortion and reflections, GT3 also offers up a soundtrack of more than 20 licensed tracks, and an even better replay mode with TV-style camera views. Two players can go head-to-head via split-screen and up to six can duke it out by linking multiple systems together via i.LINK.

My Review

This is the first game i bought for the tell you the truth i bought the ps2 for this game! This is one off the best racing simulation games i have ever seen on the ps2 console. The graphics are just breathtaking...every detail has been taken care minus point however is that there is no damage to the cars when you crash into a wall :-[ But thats not going to spoil the fun of the game.
The best feature offcourse is the tuning-part of your vehicle..Turbokits,chiptuning,weight reductionkits and many more to make your fast car a supercar! Even a new set of rims can be bought...just for the fun of it you can change oiel and give your bolide a shiny wash in the carwash..and off you go! This game is a kick for your racingfans. This game is one of the most popular games ever created on the ps one and now for two!
Offcourse at this currunt time the game has been promoted to a CLASSIC-game for the ps2. Because there are more of these hotrod look alikes after GT 3 A-spec. Like: Need For speed underground and a part 4 of GT!
This will be my next game i think!
A 4 star rating for this game due to the fact there`s no damage!

Just a lease car...nice

Just cruising around in my corvette

Nice headlight don`t you think

No cheats....:-[[[