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The Getaway


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The Story
Live on both sides of the law.
Mark is a professional bank-robber, trying in vain to leave his past behind him. But when his son is kidnapped by gangland boss, Charlie Jolson, he is unwillingly dragged back into the seedy underworld of vice and corruption in order to free his son from the clutches of the most feared man in organised crime.

The player will journey through a genre busting action adventure in the shoes of a professional criminal and an embittered police detective, seeing the story unfold from two completely different characters with their own agendas.

THE GETAWAY is a first for video-gaming. The team has painstakingly recreated over 50 square kilometres of the heart of London. Gamers will be able to explore the city on foot or steal a car and drive through any street from Kensington Palace to the Tower of London; it's all there. Over 50 cars are available; all based on real-life car models. Players will be able to perform astounding car-stunts such as two-wheel races down back alleys, jumps and skids.

Incorporating film production techniques, the team has managed to fuse the interactive fun of video games with the high production standards more accustomed to Hollywood. Real life actors have been hired to give the characters a level of depth unheard of within the video game industry, and with a script writer and art director employed from the film industry, at times the player could be mistaken for thinking they are directing their own movie!

Players will have the sensation that they are entering a real, living city, with pedestrians and other drivers all getting on with their lives, as you try to save your own even if it means stealing, reckless driving and widespread mayhem. The many varied characters that the player will interact with have been created through the use of REAL actors' likenesses to give them depth and personality which results in a gritty realism rarely seen in video-games.

My review
First of all i almost beat the game [just playing the final chapter]
And i must say its a pitty i almost finished the game. What a game lady and gents,I thought that GTA Vicecity was the game in this gerne. Hehehe now way this one rules big-time. The graphics are absolutely the works. Iff you crash the people will swear "You fuc*ing wanker!" ectra. I could help myself bursting out in tears of real the made this game is just so unreal. The highspeed chases with the coppers are really sweatbreaking moments [the dualshock controller is as wet as it can get everytime i play this game] You can do everything a real criminal could do...and yes for our triggerhappy gamers under can even take a hostage and execute him! This game has the works. The missions are however very difficult to complete...the things you have to do are very should i say...impossible. I even did on a certain mission about 3 hours to complete. This means that you can not afford to make mistakes at anytime during a mission. Very tense to play this way and yet very good for the gameplay. Each and everytime you must and do the missions to beat the game [so the creators created the game perfectly] you will keep coming back for more.
The graphics are stunning...everything can break! Flat tyers,glas flying over the streets of london,high speed chases ectra...and for the trigger happy gamers you can even take a hostage to use as shield or better yet execute them!! A nice feature also is the cars are all excisting cars.
As: Lexus,Audi,Peugot,Saab ectra
This game deserves a royal 5 star rating
The only thing is this game is suitable for 16years and older...this game is very difficult to play and it contains very explicit langue... 

Shut up! i`m calling the shots here!

Get out of that car!

*Sniff* is there something burning on the stove?

Hint : Take A Breather
If you stand next to a wall and don't touch the controller for a while, you will rest against the wall.
Submitted by - the_british_dentist
Cheat: Free Roam Mode
During the FMV before the Press Start screen appears press TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, LEFT, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, LEFT, CIRCLE. A womanly sound confirms the code.
Submitted by - Danina61502
Cutscenes Heal Cars
If you have a damaged car and an FMV plays, the car will regain its factory sheen. Nifty!
Infinite Ammo Cheat
During the FMV that precedes the main menu, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE. Repeating the code disables it.
Submitted by - Jay
Shoot Pigeons
Yes, that's right. See a pigeon, shoot a pigeon. Use a long-range weapon for maximum effectiveness.
Hint: Explore
On the first level, get to the warehouse then die. You restart by your car. You can get in the car and drive away from the warehouse and explore. You cannot do this on later levels as cops will appear.
Submitted by - Brandoidred
Double Your Health
During the movie before the main menu appears, press UP, UP, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, DOWN. A woman will groan if you entered the code right.
Skip Some Movies
Not all movies can be skipped, but you can get past some of them by pressing R3.
Unlock Armored Car Weapon
During the movie that plays before the main menu, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE. This will give you the armored car weapon during missions.
Unlock Free Roam Mode
To unlock Free Roam Mode, beat all of the missions in the game.