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Rise To Honor


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Action brawler for PS2, starring Jet Li. For some men, a question of honor is a matter of life and death. As Boss Chiang is assassinated, he whispers his dying wish to Kit Yun: deliver an important message to Chiang's estranged daughter Michelle in San Francisco. By fulfilling Chiang's wish, Kit becomes entangled in a web of alliances and hidden agendas that unveil a great struggle between his sense of duty and honor. Honor -- not title, money or prestige -- is the source of his ambition. Battle your way through 10 intense, action-packed worlds located in both Hong Kong and San Francisco and experience movie-style presentation, complete with voice over work by Jet Li.

My Personal review

I bought this game with in mind, wanted a good looking and fast fighting game...Well i must say...i`m not dissapointed at all!1
I played this game for the first time and since then i became hooked to it. The game itself looks very sharp en stunning...the ooohhs and aaahhs came out of my mouth when i looked at the graphics of this game every detail is perfect. You can see,that the creators of this game put in some real efforts to make this a "worth while" playing game. The first feature that i liked of the game, is that you can choose the [spoken] langues of the game. Cantonese and english [both voices of Jet Li!] Very nice touch. The action in this game is very good. Every move you make you can see that it is jet-li. The fighting moves are like iv`e never seen i a fighting game. You can throw chairs,Recycle Bins,ectra. The weapons are very nice to Like a gun, Uzi ectra.
The most coolest of all is still, fighting with your bare-hands...The punches that you trow are very hard and even sometimes when you do a very cool will see your opponent falling true a table or a window in a slo-mo-matrix style-viewingpoint. You can even grab your opponents and give them a asskicking the won`t forget in a long time!
Or drown them in the kitchen sink, or burn there face of on the hot fire of the stove...
Very nice...the levels you play in are very detailed to and the cut-scenes are awesome to look at. Offcourse this makes a game very amusing and playable. But this game isn`t that good for these reasons alone. This game looks like a streetfighter and tekken mixture...but it isn`t at all! In many levels you will encounter difficult tasks that not can bee solved by using your fists. But your brain...some levels are very hard to come by [i had a level that i played 36times until i finally reached my goal!] This makes the game more and more appealing to me...the strategic way..instead of just fighting your way true a wave of enemys over and over again.
I will give this game a 5 star-rating this is a MUSTHAVE for the ps2

You want some? COME AND GET SOME!

Shooting some punks

Jet in action

Unlockable: Bonus Videos
Complete the game once to unlock Young Kit Yun and Young Michelle Videos.
Unlockable: Extra Jet Li Skins
Complete the game once to unlock Once Upon a Time in China and Fist of Legend skins.
Unlockable: Hard Difficulty
Complete game on Normal.
There is a walktrough but i don`t place them right now. Why the game is to new and i will not spoil the pleasure of the game can beat this game....thats a secret i can tell you already