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My Mission

Hello my name is Michel and i`m 23 years old.
I began playing when i was about 14,15 years old on a souped up amiga 500 computer. I played my first fighting game Kumite-Full Contact. This game was awesome back in those days. Now in the past couple of years the computer industrie has gone so fast. The games of now are more detailed than ever and the machines are 100x more powerfull then the ever could imagine. My next computer was a 486dx2 66mhz...yeah those were the days you sit behind your comp and playing a simpel game like Doom or Prince Of persia [OHHH and AHHHS so pretty to look at] now these days these classic mean nothing anymore.
A shame iff you ask me :-[
It`s still amazing how we humans can created such a kind of entertainment for ourselfs. The motto of this site is very simpel.
As we all know knowledge is power...true these reviews you can have a idea from what to buy ectra.
That`s all Greetz M.Linschoten 

Any tips on games for the ps2 let me know. Or do you have a question ask me!