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Bill watkins
Bill watkins

I found this on the news group. Bill Watkins who invented the "Watkins" woofer wrote the following concerning the low impedance of his woofer:

"First, background RE the issue of the Watkins-Infinity
woofer. I have _never_ met Arny Nudell or Cary Christie,
at the factory, CES, or whereever. I have never been
to California and/or the Infinity factory, and my lab
was, and still is on the east coast. My _sole_ duty was
to supply prototypes. I did that and the impedance on
_all_ prototypes was above 3 ohms. I have proof of this.
Now Mr. Nudell has no qualms about impedance values
below 3 ohms, witness his new company Genesis, and he
was the man who realigned the mass factor, without
realigning the electrical drive circuit for 3 ohms or
more. As noted before, I've built and sold thousands
without a single complaint RE impedance. The principle
of alignment is the same as the crossover to a mid-range
in a three-way system, not difficult at all, but _note_:
On can get some additional extension into the bass by
mis-alignment. One gets a better spec, but it compromises
the actual sound and impedance. Enough said???

Now as to your end. I assume you speak from experience
in selling and/or listening to Infinity. The original QLS-1
and QLS series (and a few later models) were misaligned
and didn't sound that good at all, plus they blew up amps
that were less than stable into low Z loads. Ampzilla's,
for example. So you are correct in your evaluation of
these speakers. Now guess where the blame was thrown...
Tony Loban answered this question along with his explanation
of the woofer to you, which I quote again to you below.
If you have questions, I'll answer them RE any of this."

"I have in archive, your previous statements, RE this
matter, along with my statements of explanation. Now also
I have original brochures of the Infinity speakers you've
mentioned, this being notable - the woofer is referred to
as the "Infinity-Watkins" woofer. The reason for this is
at the outset, Mr. Nudell ask me what name to use for it,
and since the _basic_ design of the woofer was mine, but
he would have the _final_ say on box size, stuffing, and
ancillary parts, these things being critical to final
performance, I suggested "Infinity-Watkins". The point
being, that since you've documented that you sold these, you surely must have known the name of the woofer, but you've willfully attributed performance solely to me, including that of the QLS, and even after I posted otherwise here on RAO.
Now also, I ask you about my own WE-1 and/or WE-1a (solely my work), and you have not discussed the performance of these, instead continuing to dwell on Infinity, which IMO, make your statements of vindictive and defamatory nature."

"Cool down, Zip. I'm not trying to con anyone. Everybody in the business knows Infinity has changed since sold by Nudell and Christie. I stated that in an earlier message. I am not an
advocate of todays Infinity speakers. They are not of the
quality as before. And they have not used my name or woofer in years. My point was that the company survived under Nudell. I could have been more clear about that. "
The end

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